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December already!?

Hello there folks.
I can't believe it's Christmas already....and that I again completely forgot about this site; I'm so sorry about that, I really have no excuses.

I got the laptop from Amazon mentioned in the previous update (it came with one broken USB port but I got refunded for that, so it's ok) but I've been so lazy that I just couldn't find the minimum pull to even get my camera's memory card connected to the laptop; I have like 130-150 photos to download - among last and this year's - but I always get distracted whenever it would be time to do that.

In any case, it's not like I stayed idle during these months; I focused on my main resources site, who changed name a few times until it came on its final current name Sky Ninja. The site also got a content revamp with things removed and tweaked; I'll change the sidebar and other links a.s.a.p., but as usual I have no idea of when that'll be.

Have to go now; my dorg is barking like crazy but it's 2:30 am here, so I gotta see what is it.
See you on next post...someday; take care, guys, and have a great week-end. ♥

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