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...Rose's small photography folio Monkey•Magic, a showcase for all her photos. Before using them for graphics, mail me at right here to ask for permission. Enjoy the site. ♥



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New photos coming!!

And coming very soon, I promise!! ^^;;;
I'm sorry for letting this site basically abandoned soon after the opening, but the day after writing this I went on holiday and then ofher things took my attention away...but now I'm ready to update.

I've taken around 60 photos during my holiday and, adding them to those taken last spring, I have roughly 80 new photos; I'm not gonna upload all of them, of course, I have first to screen them - meaning choosing the best ones for M•M. Most photos show the sky at different times of the day and with different weather, but I also have a few nature, animals and miscellaneous ones.
I plan to update them soon, as soon my Sony VAIO laptop is completely updated.

I decided in fact to switch computers to my old 2012-13 fuchsia VAIO, because Windows10 half-screwed up the ASUS one I was using: Mozilla Firefox has errors, PowerDVD doesn't work, laptop's slow as snail despite the Asus' Intel i7 processor and some others problems; the VAIO on the contrary is still working with Windows 7, PowerDVD works flawlessly and all the laptop in general (even with a Intel i3 processor) works better than the Asus.
This is still a temporary solution, though: I need a new laptop; the problem is that all new ones - who have Windows 8.1 installed - will automatically install Windows10 on their first update, and that brings me close to where I am with the Asus. v.v
Oh, well, I'll think of that when the VAIO starts dying too; for now it's still a pleasure working with it.

Gotta go now, for in a hour I have a visit from my insurance consultant and the house needs to be cleaned and prepped; so, see you all on the nex update with the new photos.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week-end. ♥

On 09.17.2015 | 0 magical monkeys

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