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...Rose's small photography folio Monkey•Magic, a showcase for all her photos. Before using them for graphics, mail me at right here to ask for permission. Enjoy the site. ♥



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Site name :: Monkey•Magic
The Owner :: Rose
Site created: 02/15/15
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Official opening!!

Yo, guys, what's up? ^_^
After delays and procrastination - for once not due to my usual laziness, though - I can finally welcome you to the new home of Monkey•Magic.

Long story short, thanks to a double promotion from Hostinger I was able to get a domain name for M•M and, since my subdomain host doesn't host domains, I grabbed an offer at WebHostingTalk forums and moved the domain to a new host; so, here's the proper full welcome to Rose's photography portfolio, where she showcases all her photos (taken with a Nikon Coolpix 3300). The site contains a total of 74 photos, divided into the following categories.
  • 32x animal photos;
  • 9x nature photos;
  • 35x sky photos;
  • 2x miscellaneous photos.
I'll be adding more very soon, as tomorrow I'm leaving on holiday - which is the time when I more actively take photos - and being away for one week, so stay tuned for new photos coming when I get back. xD

Gotta go now, for it's dinner time and my mum laments she's tired and not making anything (which is a lie as she is perfectly well, just lazy); see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week - me, I sure will. ♥

On 08.16.2015 | 0 magical monkeys

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