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...Rose's small photography folio Monkey•Magic, a showcase for all her photos. Before using them for graphics, mail me at right here to ask for permission. Enjoy the site. ♥



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Hi there everybody. :-)
I'm deeply sorry for abandoning the site for so long; as title says, I don't have any valid excuse but RL and laziness. I can't even make "oaths", promises or whatever that I'll update in xxx days....because to be true I have no idea when an update will happen.

To add to all that, my old Windows laptop got screwed up because I no longer used it after Windows 10 got installed almost a year ago (around mid-august 2015) and, when I tried to turn it on, it didn't - the laptop powered up for a few second, then shut off again...always with a black screen.
I was finally able to order a new laptop from Amazon today, it's coming tomorrow but I most likely won't be able to download the photos from my camera to the new laptop for a while...which means the update is gonna be pushed forward to August if not even September.

I'm really sorry for the big delay...but I promise I'm not closing this down: I just renewed M•M's package today, and the domain was renewed last month, so the site is gonna last at the very least another year. xD
See you on next post...someday; take care, guys, and have a great week-end. ♥

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