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...Rose's small photography folio Monkey•Magic, a showcase for all her photos. Before using them for graphics, mail me at right here to ask for permission. Enjoy the site. ♥



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Site name :: Monkey•Magic
The Owner :: Rose
Site created: 02/15/15
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why monkey•magic

Me and photography have always had a love/hate relationship: I love taking photos, but for years I haven't been able to take a half-decent one....until I bought my first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix S3300); since then, I've taken lots of photos praised by my friends and family.
Since then, I started taking photos and was able to make my first photo portfolio: it started as a section of my main resources site, then moved to subdomain and finally to its domain.
The site name has a strange origin: after sinking between dozens of (too long-winded, too childish or simply too tacky) site names suggestions, I was on the edge of despair and started watching music videos to distract myself; on a K-Pop song video, the english words Monkey Magic suddenly struck me as they perfectly summed my "photographic career" - explained above.
Monkey•Magic started as a subdomain on Ashlei free service at, then moved to its own domain where it's currently active.

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