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December already!? posted by Rose on 12.21.2016
Excuses...nope posted by Rose on 07.20.2016
Updating this week... posted by Rose on 11.23.2015
New photos coming!! posted by Rose on 09.17.2015
Official opening!! posted by Rose on 08.16.2015

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December already!?

Hello there folks.
I can't believe it's Christmas already....and that I again completely forgot about this site; I'm so sorry about that, I really have no excuses.

I got the laptop from Amazon mentioned in the previous update (it came with one broken USB port but I got refunded for that, so it's ok) but I've been so lazy that I just couldn't find the minimum pull to even get my camera's memory card connected to the laptop; I have like 130-150 photos to download - among last and this year's - but I always get distracted whenever it would be time to do that.

In any case, it's not like I stayed idle during these months; I focused on my main resources site, who changed name a few times until it came on its final current name Sky Ninja. The site also got a content revamp with things removed and tweaked; I'll change the sidebar and other links a.s.a.p., but as usual I have no idea of when that'll be.

Have to go now; my dorg is barking like crazy but it's 2:30 am here, so I gotta see what is it.
See you on next post...someday; take care, guys, and have a great week-end. ♥

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