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...Rose's small photography folio Monkey•Magic, a showcase for all her photos. Before using them for graphics, mail me at right here to ask for permission. Enjoy the site. ♥



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Site name :: Monkey•Magic
The Owner :: Rose
Site created: 02/15/15
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the photographer

Hiya, I'm Rose; that's a webname, not my actual name.
I finished school years ago, and now I'm a member of the working class - though I'm currently unemployed.

Loving: Harry Potter, N.C.I.S., The Hobbit, Teen Wolf, Slash/yaoi fan fictions, Webdesign, manga, anime, music, movies.

Hating: Snobbish people, conceited people, liars, betrayers, cheaters, thieves, designer blocks.

Living: In a small town in the middle of Italian countryside.

Designing Past: Started back in 2006, but for a couple of years I was pretty much just messing around; I only got serious in 2009, when I got my first true subdomain.

My email, for affie/exchange application and anything else (feedback, questions, requests, etc.), is

5 things you didn't really need to know...

  1. I tend to completely forget and not notice anything around me when I'm reading a manga or a book.
  2. I'm obsessed with slash (MANxMAN relationships) fan fictions, especially Harry Potter and N.C.I.S.
  3. I'm overly possessive of my things and their disposition in my room, and it pisses me off when someone (usually my mom) moves something.
  4. I usually watch TV series and stay online (on the net) at the same time.
  5. Cell phones - let alone smartphones - are pretty much wasted me, since the only numbers on my phone are my family's and a small handful of friends and I don't use it for mail or socials.

helpful things

My camera :: Nikon Coolpix 3300;
Chosen laptop :: 2012 Asus X53SD;
Chosen O.S. :: Windows7 Home Premium 64bit;
Design :: Adobe Photoshop CS6;